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Committee and Volunteers

We have an elected committee together with an enthusiastic group of volunteers to ensure smooth running of the club's activities.

The Coaching Team

Ely Vikings Korfball players are trained by a coaching team, consisting of level 1 and 2 qualified coaches and experienced players who all work together to provide an excellent coaching program for both the senior and junior club.

Gary Cole is the lead coach for the senior club and coaches the Monday evening training sessions. Barbara Fraser also coaches the senior players by ensuring everyone is warmed up properly.  

Kim Oakhill regularly coaches the senior club first team on Wednesday evenings and acts as sideline coach at most first team matches.   Gary and Kim are also assisted by Olly Watts (first team captain) at both the Monday and Wednesday training sessions. 

Wesley Jordan leads the coaching of junior club on Monday evenings and is assisted by Philip Morton and Dom McDonald.  

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