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Ely Vikings Development Plan

September 2022



It is necessary for any sports club that wishes to survive and thrive to set out some aspirations and to look for ways to achieve them, identifying building blocks, resource needs and risks along the way.


The club’s overarching mission/ethos is twofold.


Ely Vikings will always be inclusive whilst providing the best opportunities for every member to reach their highest potential.


Summary aspirations for the club:


Our aspirations for our Juniors section are:


·         Have at least one team competing in local competitions at U9, U11 and U14 level each year

·         Have juniors in county representative teams

·         Have juniors progressing through the England Korfball pathway programme

·         Achieve a retention of at least 70% for progression into the senior section of the club


Our aspirations for our Senior section are:


-          Expand to 50 - 60 senior members

-          Regularly compete in regional competitions

-          Regularly compete to win the CKA league

-          Expand training to provide for club and squad sessions

-          Increase number of qualified referees to 10 to include all levels of competition in which we are represented

-          Increase number of qualified shot clock operators to 8

-          Ensure a representative split in the gender balance of the above positions

-          Compete in summer tournaments beyond Cambridgeshire

-          Expand our demographic profile

-          Expand Volunteer roles to include Social Secretary and Tournament Organiser

-          Provide more resilience in the committee structure by succession planning and the use of ‘vice’ positions 

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