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.. « Less «... « Show  More  »..  »... « More «  »... « Previous Up Next ›  »... « « « 1. My school is a Daydream Place to Hide from the World ‐ M.D. Rogers, S.J. The Daydream Place to Hide from the World by M.D. Rogers, S.J. You are reading the book chapter 1 from the amazing book « Better Than God ». This book is a bibliographic item from United States of America. New York : Fordham University Press, 2014. Digitized by the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation, 2009.  © 2014 by The Fordham University Press ‐ All rights reserved ‐ »The following is a near-perfect book for the followers of the modernist creed, who find the world and its problems so desperate and awful that they are filled with wonder and awe at the majesty of the universe, where everything is ordered and intelligible and can be explained with great mathematical precision. But there are others who find this view so depressing that they want nothing more than to run as fast and as far as they can away from it. This is the view of the ancients, the devout, simple-minded believers who are so overwhelmed by the enormity of the universe, so stupefied by the opacity of the universe, that they take refuge in some kind of simple escapist belief, a simple faith that the universe has a meaning, or a purpose, that we will come to understand it, or that we can somehow affect its course. They believe that things are perfectly intelligible, and that what we cannot understand can somehow be explained. What they can't understand is terribly frightening to them, and so they run for comfort, for solace, for a plausible interpretation that is one step above their capacity to understand. Most of these people are atheists, and they do not think that God cares about human beings. They do not think that there is any point in our seeking to understand God. They are resigned to the mystery and the chaos of things. But if the Bible were what it is commonly supposed to be, the latest and final word on the subject, then they would have a wonderful argument for this belief. The Bible's central message is a cosmological one, and it has nothing whatever to say about the meaning of the universe or about human beings. It says nothing, at least not explicitly,




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